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Qi Gong Saturday Mornings (starting 3/18/2023)

Location: Good Work Institute (GWI) 65 St James Street, Kingston. Cross street: Clinton Avenue

Time: 9:00a - 10:30a

Note: **No class April 8th**

Enrollment: Start any Saturday. No experience necessary. No registration required.

Learn a series in a few sessions, come back when you want to learn more or have your technique checked.

Cost: by donation (suggested $10 per class)

Qi Gong is a daily movement practice.

In 10 - 20 minutes a day, it re-integrates body and mind, while connecting you to the world at large.

Regular practice will help you:

  • sleep better

  • improve mental focus

  • reduce anxiety

  • avoid illness (or reduce their severity)

  • avoid injuries

  • improve your mood

  • improve your range of motion

  • improve your coordination

There is a reason people have been doing it for centuries: it works.

In this class, I'll be teaching several Qi Gong forms, each cultivating different qualities. Some forms are:

  • 5-element Qi Gong: A practice to activate and cleanse all the organs and meridians of the body.

  • Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem): A series that focuses on mobilizing the spine and it's relationship with the ribs, hips and shoulders

  • Dao Yin: A set of excercises to do upon waking. Can be done while in bed!

  • Hand Strengthening Series

  • Standing Practice

I'll be teaching a number of forms concurrently, alternately teaching and groups and individually.

If you have questions about the class, email me:

You can check back to this page for schedule updates.

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